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Cookware set
Enamel on Stainless Steel
Home cooked meals are healthy and delicious. The Enamel on Stainless Steel series, not only features beautifully detailed rim but also rust resistance. While cooking, far infrared will be emitted, reducing the molecule of the content which allows nutrients to be easily absorbed. Far infrared heats the food evenly, making the food delicious and nutritious. The enamel coating is easy to clean and non-reactive. It is safe for cooking and storing with all types of ingredients.
Steamer ll
Steaming is more joyful and colorful than ever with the new JIA Steamer ll. The exciting new Steamer ll empowers the user by offering even more customization option with more colors and materials to choose from. The user can always find the perfect solution to match their cooking and lifestyle.
The JIA Inc. Monolithic Wok is an authentic Chinese cookware made of traditional carbon steel. The Monolithic Wok reacts quickly to heat adjustments. You are always in control, whether you need to bring the heat up in a snap or rapidly cool down. Not only you can spend less time cooking, you will never overcook you food again. The Wok even releases healthy iron ions during cooking. Prepare your favorite dish with the Monolithic Wok to experience the easy and authentic way of Chinese cooking.