Bamboo Charcoal Ceramic
Filter Bottle
Dual layered SS304 stainless steel, polypropylene plastic, food-grade silicon, bamboo charcoal, Ceramic
Where there is water, there is life. Life is originated from water and water is of major importance of all living things. Water is, seen as the basic of all materials and essential to all forms of life. 【Guanzi.Shui Di】

Water nourishes all beings; the existence of all depends on water. It is no longer a luxury to have quality water at your disposal whether at work, at home or on a trip. The JIA Inc. Bamboo Charcoal Filter Bottler features a bamboo charcoal ¬lter core, when immersed in water; it will balance the pH value, purify impurities and soften the water to make it taste even better. The bottle features a double-walled vacuumed insulated stainless steel body and a leak-proof lid to keep your water at your desired temperature for up to 6 hours.