Beech, Steel plate, Hinge in antique brass
Infatuated with rare antiques, the Qing Dynasty Emperor’s collection includes a Garland of Treasures, small but precious artifacts covering a wide range of materials and forms. It’s nicknamed as the Emperor’s Toy Chest during the reign of Qianlong. Each curio box is well designed and filled with delights. When fully closed it turns a column square and can rotate in 360 degrees. It turns into a folding screen when expanded 180 degrees horizontally. The detachable handle is designed to make the box easy to carry. The curio box is ideal for collecting cherished crafts and accessories and full of surprises every time it’s played. The Curio Box is no longer an exclusive to the regal period and has become a luxury in the enjoyment. The ingenious design continues to fascinate art lovers, adding more excitement in the unique glamour of curio box.