Good Things Come in Pairs
Silicone, Acrylic
Chopsticks are considered as tresors of China. Two thin and long sticks, when handled by hands, can hold, pick, mix, pull, turn and soak food. Light and multifunctional, they are the main cutlery for the Asian population and also known as the Oriental Civilisation in the West. A pair of chopsticks are light and easy to carry. A pair of beautiful chopsticks make food more delicious. A pair of chopsticks is just there to serve you while dining. Choose a pair of chopsticks that belongs to your style and start enjoying the food!

The Norm series include chopsticks in arcylic and a pouch in silicone. Hidden magnets inside the ends of the chopsticks keep them together when stored and allows them to be separated with a satisfying snap, mimicking the familiar gesture of using bamboo chopsticks. Black, white and red colors are available providing a variety of choices.