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14 Nov. 2019
秋冬好鍋暖心暖胃 烹煮一家健康美味

JIA日嚐鍋具組、饗食版、虹彩鋼 在家吃鍋必備夥伴!

19 Sep. 2019
Foodies Mandatory! [Enamel on Stainless Steel, gather] Cooking, serving, storage, to-go. It's everyt

JIA x Fumie Shibata, Revolution in contemporary cooking and dining, Launch of healthy life with delicacies.

13 Aug. 2019
你用的鐵琺瑯、鑄鐵琺瑯 都過時了!

JIA創新首推「虹彩鋼」飲食全系列 精緻耐用不生鏽 料理美味更健康

16 Apr. 2019
【JIA Inc. Monolithic Wok】 Lightweight & Efficient for cooking healthy & delicious meals


19 Feb. 2019
JIA Inc. Monolithic Wok_Seasoning Instructions

JIA Inc. Monolithic Wok_Instruction Videos

02 Jan. 2019
Best cookware design of the year by Wallpaper*

【JIA Inc. Monolithic Cookware】 won the 2019 Wallpaper* Design Award

28 Sep. 2018
JIA Inc. x Naoto Fukasawa【Monolithic Cookware】Newly-launched


08 Aug. 2018
Refreshing Summer Cocktails

Glamorous summer vessels containing seasonal taste.

09 May. 2018
【JIA Inc. Coffee Grinder】 Offering Complete Hand Drip Coffee Experience

3-in-1 Innovation in Scooping, Grinding and Sieving Coffee Beans

20 Mar. 2018
JIA Inc. Design Pieces Used by over 25 Michelin Restaurants Worldwide

Emptiness Plate Set, Steamer Set, and Family Belongings Hulu Liquor Container and Glass are top 3 picks by Michelin-star restaurants.

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