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16 Apr. 2019
【JIA Inc. Monolithic Wok】 Lightweight & Efficient for cooking healthy & delicious meals

JIA Inc. Monolithic Wok Lightweight & Efficient for cooking healthy & delicious meals

First wok designed by Naoto Fukasawa. Best for cooking and living, core of Asian home-cooked dishes

JIA Inc., in collaboration with Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, has launched the Monolithic Cookware last October. After receiving good reviews, the Monolithic Cookware went on to become the winner of the Japan Good Design Award and UK Wallpaper* Design Award. And this spring, JIA Inc. is introducing the new 【Monolithic Wok】 and accessories that are suitable for Chinese cooking to complete the essential cookware set for all homes. The 【Monolithic Wok】 carryforward the Monolithic series design language and concept, it is effortless to make healthy and delicious home-cooked dishes that satisfy the taste buds of the whole family.


Wok – Center piece of cookware in Asia. The core of healthy and delicious Asian cuisine

Originated from Chinese cuisine, the wok is a common cookware in Asian households. It is the center of healthy and delicious Asian cuisine. Designed for Asian food culture and its fast-fry and stir-fry cooking techniques, the wok is the most popular choice of cookware items. The wok is an indispensable cookware for Asian families. For example, the Zhangqiu iron wok has become very popular after being on the famous food documentary Bite of Asia. IKEA in Hong Kong also sells woks to meet market demand. In Taiwan, wok sales rank among the top 3 cookware section in both online and retail shopping.


Authentic cookware - for healthy and delicious flavor

This is the first wok design by Naoto Fukasawa. Through his careful observation, he discovered that the shape and material of cookware are key to healthy and delicious cuisine. The 【Monolithic Wok】 is made of durable natural carbon steel. Its fast and even heat conductivity saves cooking time and energy. The wok is suitable for Chinese cuisine cooking methods and is designed to create healthy and delicious home dishes.


The best wok for cooking and living, providing the best user experience

To better cater to the user’s needs, the 【Monolithic Wok】 is 32cm in diameter, the most popular size for home cooking. The 【Monolithic Wok】inherits signature minimalistic design from Naoto Fukasawa, is durable, weighs 30% less than similar cookware, and features an ergonomic handle for a firm and comfortable grip. Accessories including a Chinese turner, lid, lid rest and utensil holder to complete your healthy Asian cooking experience!